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1. Product return for remanufactured/refurbished spare parts:

1.1. Surcharge (Deposit)

Surcharge is an extra fee added to the price of the product as a deposit of an old core.

All remanufactured/refurbished products, such as:

  • turbochargers
  • fuel injectors
  • fuel high pressure pumps
  • power steering racks
  • power steering pumps
  • ac compresors
  • starters and alternators, etc

has a surcharge on top of the price. When client makes an order of refurbished part, the surcharge is added on top of the price. Once the client has recieved the product ordered and replaced the old faulty part with the new one, the client can send back the core(old part). When the core has been delivered to us, within 14 days the deposit for the old core(surcharge) will be refunded to the client in the same payment method as payment for the order initially was made. 

The correct amount of surcharge can be seen in the product cards: 

surcharge for the old core(injector, turbocharger, high pressure pump, steering rack, ac compresor)

Important: The order will be sent to the provided address after receiving the full payment for the product ordered, including shipping costs and surcharge for the old core. Order will not be sent out, if the payment will not be made in full. 

Returned core condition: 

The returned cores will be accepted only in complete condition with no significant physical damage or broken parts, such as connectors, regulators, etc. The refund will not be returned for cores, which are returned in incomplete condition. The value of cores with physical damage (including cores with broken parts) will be considered and might be returned partially or non-refunded. The specialists will contact customer by email or other suitable communication channel, providing details of the core acceptance and if applied, reasons of rejection. 

Returned core compatibility: 

In order to return the surcharge amount, the returned core must be with the same original or comparable numbers. If the numbers on the part can not be clearly identifiable, the specialists may refuse to accept the core as compatible. For cores with non-compatible numbers, the deposit will not be returned. 


1.2. The old core/order return process:

1.2.1. After making a full payment for the order, the order is sent out to the customer. When client has received and removed the old part, a return can be arranged to the provided address: 

Return address: 

Silmaču street 64,
Baldone, LV2125,


1.2.2. The client needs to inform Nerings SIA for the return of the old core, by sending an email to, providing the client`s will to return the item, name and surename, phone number and invoice number. 

1.2.3. Before sending the old core, the client has to write on the shipping boxes invoice number and client`s phone number, in case, if the returned item can not be identified. 

1.2.4. When the old core will be delivered to the provided address in 1.2.1., within 14 days of receiving the item, the refund will be issued using the same payment method, as when the client made the order.



2. Product return for new parts ordered:

2.1. From the moment of receipt of the shipment, within 30 days, the customer has the rights to refuse from the ordered product without giving a reason. In order for the right of withdrawal to be complied with, it is sufficient that the notice of exercise of the right of withdrawal is sent before the expiry of the right of withdrawal.

2.2. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the customer must inform Nerings SIA with an unambiguous notice about the decision to withdraw from the Ordered Product and / or the Distance Agreement. Notice of the exercise of the right of withdrawal can be sent to the e-mail address: or by post to the address: Silmaču Street 64, Baldone, LV2125.

2.3. After notifying about the exercise of the right of withdrawal, the customer must immediately and in any case no later than 14 days from the day when the customer notifies Nerings SIA of his/her decision to withdraw from the Ordered Product and / or Distance Agreement, return the Product to Nerings SIA office at Silmaču street 64, Baldone, LV2125, during the company's working hours or by post to the Nerings office in Baldone. To agree on another way of returning the Product, please contact Nerings SIA. The deadline will be met if the goods are returned before the 30-day deadline.

2.4. If the customer withdraws from the Ordered Product and / or Distance Agreement, Nerings SIA shall refund the payments received from the customer, including one delivery costs(if the client has paid for the initial shipping), without undue delay and in any case no later than 14 days from the date of notification to Nerings SIA Custom Goods and / or Distance Agreement. Nerings SIA will refund the money using the same means of payment as the customer used in the transaction, unless the customer has requested otherwise. In any case, Nerings SIA will not charge an additional fee for the refund. Nerings SIA may withhold a refund until Nerings SIA has received the Goods back.

2.5. The Customer is responsible for the decrease in the value of the Goods if the Product (s) have been used for purposes other than determining the nature, characteristics and functioning of these Goods. If Nerings SIA finds that the Product has been used, damaged, dirty, otherwise operated, or with signs of assembly or use, Nerings SIA may refuse to accept the Goods back. The product must be in its original packaging, which is not damaged or soiled.